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#514E91 to PMS Solid Coated (PANTONE 7447 C)

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HEX to PMS Converter

HEX to Pantone (PMS) RGB Based Color Conversion:

Colormind AI hex to pmsOur HEX to Pantone (PMS) converter is a simple yet ingenious tool designed to find the closest matching Pantone color for a given hexadecimal color code.

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that HEX color notation allows for the representation of up to 16,777,216 different colors. Attempting to assign a Pantone (PMS) color to each one of them is an impossible task, given that the Pantone color system comprises a limited number of colors. Even when considering the Pantone Matching System (PMS), which includes a wide range of color options, there still won’t be an exact Pantone match for every HEX color variation.

Let’s break it down. HEX colors are amazing because they let us use millions of different colors. But when we try to match them with Pantone (PMS) colors, we run into a challenge. Pantone has a lot of colors, but it’s not as many as HEX.

So, there’s no perfect Pantone match for every HEX color. It’s like trying to count to a million using only your fingers – it’s just not possible. So, when converting HEX to Pantone (PMS), we need a clever method that considers how we see colors and makes the best match we can.  Fortunately, this project relies on what we call ‘Colormind AI,’ which can handle all the complex tasks in the blink of an eye. It takes the heavy lifting out of the process






Using this method, we can analyze RGB decimals using mathematical algorithms to identify reasonably good Pantone (PMS) alternatives for most HEX colors. This process implies that converting HEX to Pantone (PMS) involves a certain degree of subjectivity.




To achieve the best results, we divide your hexadecimal color code into three values, treating them as RGB vectors. This approach allows us to calculate the color distance, considering how the human eye perceives light and color. We then compare this distance against our predefined database, which contains the values for every Pantone (PMS) color ever created. This enables us to determine the closest match between your color and a Pantone (PMS) color from any chosen palette, be it Pantone Classic, Pantone Solid Coated, or any other Pantone palette.


HEX To Pantone Solid Coated

Compare PMS Colors Side by Side

Feel free to browse our predefined collection of conversions between HEX colors and PMS colors to see and decide for yourself on how well our converter actually works. The result might actually surprise you!







HEX to PMS Conversion chart

By exploring these recently converted (matched) color pairs you should gain some insights into how HEX colors interact with PMS colors. We hope that this will bring you valuable understanding of limitations and practical applications of each color depicted below.