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The HEX code #B69627 has been automatically compared and matched to the Pantone Color Library known as PMS CMYK Uncoated. It was concluded, that among the Pantone colors available in this collection, PANTONE P 8-15 U closely resembles this HEX color. The visual example below illustrates the proximity of these colors. It's worth mentioning that #B69627 is occasionally referred to as the Sahara color due to its visual characteristics and the mood it conveys.

It is worth noting, that PMS color PANTONE P 8-15 U is most commonly associated with #B99C31 HEX code, which you can also lookup here on our site.

HEX Color

HEX Code:#B69627
HEX Color name:Sahara
RGB Decimal:182, 150, 39
RGB Float:0.714, 0.588, 0.153
CMYK Percentage:0, 18, 79, 29
HEX B69627 to PANTONE P 8-15 U (hex to pms example)

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PMS Color

Pantone Code:PANTONE P 8-15 U
Pantone HEX:#B99C31
RGB Decimal:185,156,49
RGB Float:0.725, 0.612, 0.192
CMYK Percentage:0,15,84,32
Pantone LAB value:65,3,57

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Pantone CMYK Color Guide / #B99C31 / PANTONE P 8-15 C
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